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iSeries PDFs & Overlays

Using IPDS overlays can make customer-facing PDF documents really snap. Using PostScript to develop the overlays makes them highly accurate.

RPGLE Developer
The latest machine interfaces are available with ILE RPG. For instance, customer invoices can be turned into PDFs and sent to a list of email addresses. See what RPGLE can do for you.
Good Looking Labels
JD Edwards data can produce attractive product labels using TL Ashford. Using EAN/UCC (GS-1) symbology allows your products to be scanned anywhere in the world.
Welcome, how may I help you?
I'm a seasoned IT professional who wants to use his experience and skills to help your organization save money and improve business processes. I have excellent qualifications in supporting JD Edwards World, while writing in-house applications using the latest iSeries (AS/400) tools.

Making the most of an iSeries often involves third party applications like sales tax. Printing custom labels is also popular as is managing receivables. I have experience in supporting Vertex L-Series for sales tax, TL Ashford for high quality bar code labels, and managing upgrades for Cforia collections software.

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iSeries Developer & Business Process Analyst

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