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Projects - Labels

Frowning Label

So, the maintenance engineer came over and said he had purchased a new label printer... could I make it work from the AS/400? The label was long and tapered, so that it would look normal when applied to a tapered plastic pail and the copy and bar code had to follow an arc. JDE engineering records, a lot of copybook PostScript and Client Access made it all work.

New Label Design

The above all-PostScript concept was the beginning of an all new product label with a second hazard label on the back. TL Ashford is used to print highly legible images from JDE data on pre-printed labels. EAN/UCC-128 bar code symbols are readable anywhere in the world.

Color Match Sheet of Labels

The process requires: labels for a retain, top and side; labels for a wet sample; shipping label; and more. PostScript concept provides all the labels in a single lazer-printed sheet.

Retain Labels

Hand-written labels were hard to read and retains were being lost. A new label set, top and side, with a bar code never gets lost. Print request comes from Notes/Domino thru a stored procedure on the AS/400. TL Ashford is used for the formatting.