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Projects - RPGLE

Email .CSV Reports

Get your report as an email attachment that can be opened in Excel. This process uses bound or static SQL to create a work file, then update the file with RPGLE. A stream file is created with readable column headings and then sent to a list of email addresses held in JDE CIF data.

WorldWriter Reports As PDFs

Send a report version as a PDF to a list of email addresses. Never kill trees again. PDFs are word-searchable.

Ship Confirm w/CSS

Email a simple note, formatted with a little CSS.



Scheduling jobs with JDE Sleeper can be as simple as running all the jobs on a single menu. However, a lot of shops schedule jobs throughout the day and then have several jobs to run each evening. This mod will automatically track completions for all the Sleeper jobs and send a message if a job ends poorly. Run times can be compared with a historical average if needed.

Pivot Tables For Analysis

I can help you make useful pivot tables from those .CSV files.